Dust Bags

Clear Edge is a leading manufacturer of filter bags for dust collection, with over a century of experience in process filtration and pollution control.

We offer a number of filtration bag solutions — from pulse jet dust collectors and shaker dust collectors to blower units and fluidized bed dryers — for numerous industries and applications:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Power/Co-Generation
  • Minerals
  • Process Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Food & Pharmaceutical
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Black
  • Asphalt Hot Mix
  • Remediation
  • Metals
  • Steel

With increasing pressure to reduce the particles and gases emitted into the atmosphere, Clear Edge is working in close collaboration with OEMs and end-users to reduce emissions. Our economically effective filter bags, from woven and felted fabrics with sewn or welded seams, are carefully constructed using computerized equipment. They suit all styles of dust & fume filters and are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and chemical attack.

Clear Edge is proud to offer the following specialized dust collection products:

Porstex™ PTFE
Expanded membranes for high efficiency fine particle capture. Porstex™ PTFE offers efficiency to the 1-micron range and is available in all generic fiber types.

Super-Seal™ Perfect Seal Cuffs are made of a high density felt to snap tight to the tube sheet eliminating bypass at the critical sealing zone.

Ultra-Lite™ advanced precoat for dust collection systems offers a balanced particle distribution to form a uniform primary dust cake layer. Ultra-Lite™ is available in both PE and DE grades.

Detection kit includes an HD glow powder Safe-Lite and the protective gear required to trace problems directly in the dust collector chamber.

Welded seam technology provides a leak proof seam and is available for all generic filter bag types including Nomex, Aramid, Polyester, Polypropylene, PPS, Acrylic and PTFE membrane fabrics.

Ultra-Tex HE™
High efficiency seamless knit is engineered with a special loft structure. Ultra-Tex HE™ is the most efficient seamless fabric available on the market for reverse air/shaker units. 

Receiver filters for high pressure product receiving and conveying units are designed with Ultra-Weld™ seams and Super-Seal™ perfect seal gaskets.