CEF Joins Filtration Group Corporation

Apr 21, 2013

Effective May 3rd Clear Edge was acquired by Filtration Group Corporation, a Chicago based filtration company owned by Madison Capital Partners. Filtration Group, a collection of over 10 specialized growing filtration companies, will have revenues in excess of $700 mm including Clear Edge. Clear Edge will be part of the Liquid Process Division within Filtration Group which also includes Global Filter and Jonell both specialized industrial process filtration companies.

Clear Edge will continue to be headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and operate throughout the world focused on mining and minerals, chemical processing, wastewater treatment and bulk food and beverage markets among other specialized markets and applications. Rick Von Drehle, Clear Edge CEO, commented "We look forward to the future as part of Filtration Group. This certainly positions Clear Edge to continue to grow within its existing markets and with new products and into new geographic regions."

All questions should be directed to:
Rick Von Drehle, CEO

Christina Ward, Marketing Manager
Clear Edge Filtration

11607 E 43rd Street North
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116

918 728 8111