Filtration Group

Filtration Group Corporation, a Chicago-based filtration company owned by Madison Capital Partners is the parent of Clear Edge Filtration. Clear Edge Filtration is part of the Liquid Process Division within Filtration Group, which also includes Global Filter and Jonell, both specialized industrial process filtration companies.

Founded in 1942, Filtration Group serves nearly every market segment requiring filtration and secures one of the most global footprints in the industry.  Driving innovation and developing solutions for the world’s issues: climate change, population growth, rising healthcare costs, increasing regulation and depleting natural resources, Filtration Group continues to be the fastest growing filtration company in the world.  An unrelenting pursuit of excellence is driven by a deep-rooted desire to better serve our customers.  Investing in the best people, technologies and strategies allow Filtration Group to grow as truly unique market leader delivering outstanding customer value. Filtration Group constantly innovates and improves its filtration technology to make higher quality products and more efficient processes for its customers around the world.  Our engineers, sales and manufacturing employees are passionate about filtration and it shows in each of our products and services – from initial design to delivery and installation.  That passion translates to a cleaner, greener and healthier and more cost efficient world for all of us.

Filtration Group’s family of companies includes AG Industries, Air Flow Technology, Buffalo Filter, Chemco Manufacturing, Clear Edge Filtration, Dafco Filtration Group, Filtrair, Filtran, Filtration Group, Global Filter, Jonell, Porex, Universal Air Filter and Waco Filters.

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